Siu Nim Tau

The Little Idea Form gives the student much to think about.

Siu Nim Tau, or, The Little Idea Form

Siu Nim Tau form (Little Idea Form) is the first and most fundamental training form in Wing Tsun Kung Fu. The techniques look simple but all basic Wing Tsun techniques are hidden in the Siu Nim Tau.

Major movements include: one Tan Sau (palm-up arm), three Fook Sau (bridge-on arm), left, right, front and rear Gum-Sau (pinning-hand), Lan Sau (bar arm), Fak Sau (whisking arm), Jum Sau (sinking block) and Jut Sau (jerk hand) among others.

One outstanding characteristic of the Siu Nim Tau, is that the whole form does not require the practitioner to move even one step, while at the same time developing your Wing Tsun structure and preparing your for the foot work for later use. It concentrates on soft movements but as a whole constitutes the essence of the Wing Tsun Kuen Fa (fist fighting method) and Cheung Fa (palm-fighting method). Each technique possesses its own theory and usage. Practising the Siu Nim Tau will enhance your concentration and natural respiration.

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