Chum Kiu

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Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu (Arm-Seeking Form) is the intermediate form in Wing Tsun Kung Fu. It is the second form after the Siu Nim Tau (Little Idea Form). Training in the Chum Kiu allows the practitioner to find the Kiu-Sau (bridge arm) of the opponent, neutralize the on-coming force and generate it into a counter-attack. Thus it may be said that many Chum Kiu techniques were designed to protect the practitioner.

The Bong Sau (wing arm) is one of the major characteristics of this form, and consists of the Ju-Sun Bong-Sau (sideling wing arm), Lower Bong Sau (lower wing arm) and a Stepping Bong Sau, etc. In addition to these techniques, Chum Kiu also includes the Wing Tsun Ma (Wing Tsun Stance), kicks and different punches, such as the Side Thrusting Kick, Slant Thrusting Kick, Lifting- and Thrusting-Punches, etc.

Chum Kiu highlights an essential feature of Wing Tsun Kuen; it focuses on defence and speed while allowing the practitioner to generate power in short distances using kicks without excessive movement and other close-quarters fighting techniques involving elbows, palm movements and fist-strikes.

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