Biu Tze

Attack as defence.

Biu Tze

Biu Tze (Thrusting Fingers Form) is the advanced form of Wing Tsun Kuen. If the Siu Nim Tau form exhibits the foundation techniques and rudiments of Wing Tsun Kung Fu, and Chum Kiu is chiefly focussed on defensive techniques, then the Biu Tze represents a set of techniques designed to work as attacking-as-defence. To this end, the Biu Tze is focused more on attacking.

It uses attack as a line of defence in order to neutralize the force of the opponent. All movements in the Biu Tze generate deadly force. The practitioner of Biu Tze will realise the essence of the six Downward Elbow Strikes, four Semi-Downward Elbow Strikes and the two Sideward Elbow Strikes.

Biu Tze also contains special techniques such as Biu Tze Sau (Thrusting Fingers Hand), Shat-Geng-Sau (Throat-Cutting Hand), and an upper and lower Chang Sau (Spade-Hand) which generates a very strong, flexible vibratory force.

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