Chi Sau

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Chi Sau

Chi Sau (Arm-Clinging Exercise) in Wing Tsun Kuen, is the exercise and procedure by which the practitioner gives up the use of force, deflects (re-directs) on-coming force, borrows and makes use of on-coming force to make counter-attacks and finally generates the force.

The major difference between Wing Tsun Kuen and other martial arts is that the former relies as much on sensitivity and skill as the appropriate use of force. Each and every movement requires the use of appropriate force. The Association has divided Chi Sau training into Dan Chi Sau (Single Arm Clinging), Sheung Chi Sau (Double Arm Clinging), Poon Sau (Rolling Arms), Chit Sau (section drills) and Chee Yau Chi Sau (Free Arm Clinging). This is the systematic training to instruct the practitioner how to use appropriate force to control his opponent with a minimum of effort.

The Section Drills are comprised of selected movements from the Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze forms and are focussed on both defensive and offensive skills. The Chee Yau Chi Sau, further integrates this skill and the use of force into a martial art, that aids the practitioner in reaching, the highest levels of Wing Tsun Kuen.

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