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Wellington Wing Tsun Club

Wing Tsun is a martial art employing very efficient techniques which are characterised by three qualities: Directness, Efficiency and Simplicity.

DIRECTNESS–moving or extending in a straight line, i.e., the shortest distance between two points. Wing Tsun avoids oblique, roundabout movements; it gets straight to the point.

EFFICIENCY–Wing Tsun uses the minimum effort necessary to achieve the aim. Small and efficient techniques, coupled with directness, can be used to overcome bulk and brute force. These techniques emphasise the use of simultaneous attack and defence.

SIMPLICITY–Wing Tsun movements and techniques are not complicated or elaborate; they can be easily understood and performed. Opponents are quickly overwhelmed by the extraordinary efficiency, subtlety and directness of its techniques.

Who is it for?

Wing Tsun is popular with both men and women of all sizes and age groups for self-defence as it was designed to overcome superior force through technique and sensitivity. Also, the health and relaxation aspects are indisputable, with practitioners continuing well into old age.


The Wellington Wing Tsun Kung Fu Club is the oldest Wing Tsun club in New Zealand, first opening its doors in 1974 and has been training students ever since. The clubs goal is to pass on the the techniques, forms and ideas, of Wing Tsun Kung Fu system, taught by the late Grandmaster, Yip Man. The techniques themselves share these following characteristics and principles:

  • Giving up the use of force
  • Deflecting (re-directing) on-coming force
  • Borrowing and making use of on-coming force to make rebounds, and
  • Generate force.

Currently, the Association operates in Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. New Zealand Branches are located in Wellington and Auckland.

The Siu Nim Tau form is the basic entry form in Wing Tsun Kung Fu.


E-mail us at in the first instance. Any questions you may have can be conveniently answered this way.

Ring 021.112.0888 (Paul) form more information.

You can download our Club brochure in Download C.V. in PDF

You may also show up at the door during classes, but please read this first.